Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android in 2022! 5 Best Photo Editing Apps In Play Store

5 Best Photo Editing Apps :

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Photo editing needs have changed over the past few years, while the need for computer-based heavy photo editing softwares is still, there many of the users require on the go quick and easy editing apps that they can use on their mobile devices in.

Today’s article i will be revealing the top 5 best photo editing apps for Android.

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Snap Seed developed by Google Snapseed provides advanced photo editing on mobile devices it comes with a range of preset filters that you can edit according to your liking.

You can also create new filters from scratch the app also has some of the most used classic tools, such as cropping straightening texture frames vignettes and more snapseed’s sharpening feature-is much better than most of the other photos editing apps ,

it does the job with out making photos look grainy-other than that snap speed also has precision marking that allows the users-to edit the depth of the field professional photographers often use precision marking to blur the background-and bring the foreground more into focus the selective adjust tool allows you to select a specific area in a photograph and adjust ,

the contrast brightness and saturation of that particular area’s a-speed also allows you to save your edit history ,

it is one of the fastest and most feature-rich free photo editing apps for android.


prisma photo:

prisma photo editor while you may have come across-many photo editing apps that turn photos into drawings and paintings ,

there is hardly any app that can match the quality of prisma it makes use of artificial neural networks,

that enable the users to make photos appear as if they were painted by vincent van gogh or picasso ,

in total there are more than 500 creative filters to choose from prisma also has its own online community that is some what similar to instagram ,

you can interact with other photo editing and arts enthusiasts there also you can get inspiration from other peoples work in the community.


Live Collage:

Live collage created by click to mobile,

live collage is the ultimate photo collage builder it features thousands of layouts ,

so you will always be able to find one according to your needsthe app features a wide range of styles-and super interesting backgrounds ,

it also allows you to add text and customise fonts sizes and colors other than that live college also features basic photoediting tools making it easier for users to do basic photo editing and then make collages within.



vsco is an advanced photo editing app with powerful filters and editing tools.

Some of its filters will make your photos look like they were taken on an analog filmic camera.

The soft and subtle filters of vsco add a touch of class to your photos.

it is frequently compared to instagram interms of quality of filters .

vsco also allows you to adjust the intensity of filters with a simple slider.

they seo has all the standard editing tools as well-other than adjustments borders cropping and vignettes.

The app also allows the users to adjust exposure temperature contrast and skin tones.

The sco also has a strong community where you can share your photos or get inspiration from other people’sphotos.


Adobe Photoshop:

adobe photoshop express, adobe photoshop has been the software of choice for millions of photo editors around the world’s ,

incense many years now the powerful software is now available on android as well although,

it does not have all the features that the pc version has the android app still has enough features to satisfy the needs of mobile photography .

The app has a mini malistic interface and is packed with essential features , like crop straighten, rotate and flip photos .

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop express features one touch filters of effects colours frames and auto fix it also features image rendering engine that allows the users to edit large files such as panoramic photos .

Photoshop express has one of the best noise reduction features ,

This powerful app is available for free online android and the best part-is that you will not be annoyed by any add during your photo edits as the app is ad-free which is your go-to mobile photo editing app on android ,

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