Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month 2022 (Offline / Online).

As mobile gamers it’s important to always know what’s good, that’s why were always looking for games that have beautiful high quality graphics with outstanding gameplay,and these games provide us a lot of fun.

So today on .i am back with 11 new high graphics games that’ll give you a great experience and a lot of fun.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

Kicking things off with number 11 devil war,

This one’s a first-person sci-fi offline shooting game which contains quite agood story and gameplay, in the game you shoot down the zombies and devils and also you carry a mission code named finality to destroy the portal in order to restore peace to the world,

and save the people.

The game includes seven areas, and each one has its own lord or boss, getting into the visuals, the graphics of this one are quite good plus with the excellent cutscenes which makes everything more interesting.

By the way, my favorite part of the game is execution of zombies with swords, it’s very satisfying and reminds me of the Pc games doom.

Overall i really enjoyed this one number.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

10 subway surfer tag:

So many of you must have already played subway surfers, at some point or another and now developer of subway surfer has launched their new game subway surfer tag, which is kind of a mix of a skatepark and an arena shooter game.

The game takes you back to the colorful and funny atmosphere, the famous endless runner with third person view in the game. youwill skate over the retired trains in-the rail yard and pick up some power ups-to the cargo docks or investigate the mysterious underground.

The gameplay mechanism is very simple you have to skate in the park and shoot down the targets and collect the coins, at the-same time which does make the game a bit challenging. overall subway surfer tag has good visuals and offers controller support too.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

Number 9 golden bros,

this one’s a 3v3 real-time pvp battle royal with fast and easy gameplay built on the unreal engine with over two years of development, golden bros boasts (aaa) graphics and a unique play style, that makes the game genuinely fun to play.

In golden bros two teams of three players each will battle it out to destroy one another, there will be various game modes available with each match only lasting 3 minutes, the characters are called bro sand each pro has different abilities all-in, all this one’s a blend of a brawler and rogue like genre and specifically designed for the play to be addictive and pleasantly surprising in every battle .

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Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

number 8 metal stormas.

you can probably see already, this one’s a multiplayer dog fight game, in which you destroy jets and aircrafts of your opponents the game, possesses impressive 3d graphics and realistic sound effects along with many different types of aircrafts and the gameplay is actually quite simple and easy to understand.

in the game you’ll have to fight with other players online for survival, you can also customize your character and select different kinds of weapons according to your needs, all in all it’s an amazing game that offers stunning visuals and good gameplay experience.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

number 7 happy zone battle royals,

this one’s a survival theme fast paced gameplay, where players will do whatever it takes to become the last one standing, the game offers highly competitive online survival battles simple gameplay and colorful graphics in the game.

you drop in with 12 other players with only one goal to become the sole survivor and each match only lasts 3 minutes, in addition players will be able to explore any different battle locations on each level, it could be a football field a private house warehouse or even the vast desert and more.

overall this one’s a fun game that offers cartoon style graphics.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

number 6 world of guns,

so a lot of the time, when you’re playing any competitive game and you have to kill any players with the help of an ak-47 or smg or with a sniper gun, and you must have wondered at some point in time, how do these guns work well the answer is in.

This game world of guns is a simulations lash puzzle game that essentially puts a firearm in your hands and allows you-to study everything about it from the looks of it to the inner workings and all the moving parts that work within it.

then game it self features hundreds of guns and you have four different x-raymodes, where you can focus on inner workings and see how the specific gun functions,

also the game offers different vehicles and a lot of different things to disassemble.

overall the game is simply incredible and i highly recommend you check it out.

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Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

number 5 mr meet 2 prison break,

this one’s an action horror game sequel to mr meat, so now in the second part mr mead is in jail after being arrested.

in the first part in this game you control one of the characters who was involved in the mr meat events, this time you have to run away from him and his accomplices while also solving puzzles, the gameplay is quite similar the psychopath zombie is watching your movements and you have-to do everything in your power to give him the slip,

once again you can find weapons like shotguns that’ll help you escape the killer.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

number 4 sniper vs meteorite ,

with adrenaline boosting battle set in several locations from the desert to sprawling jungles, where you play a special ops military agent but with only one mission eliminate the forces of evil and your enemies the game comes with missions,

featuring new maps multiple vantage points in different times of the day and let me just say this the game is undoubtedly strong in the visual department, as the game highlights your most spectacular headshots and features rich atmospheric effects,

each gun is customisable and upgradable, so make sure you gather components on the battlefield to increase your firepower and accuracy.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

number 3 west legends guns and horses,

okay so let me just say when i first’s tarter playing this game i felt like I was in red dead redemption too, and believe me i really enjoyed this game in-west legends you play as the mayor of the town and your job is to fight against the outlaws to protect the people in your town.

in the game you can fight and explore the map in 3d while using horses as your means of transportation to begin a journey of visiting various places in the unknown and vast land of the west where you can build friendships with fellow players and get to know the various stories of-the town’s folk,

and while roaming around the map trying to explore the place, players can also run into unexpected treasures.

in my opinion the graphics of this game is very awesome the game features a storyline with cut scenes anda lot of quests which makes the game even more interesting.

Top 11 Best High Graphics Games for Android & iOS of the month.

number 2 noah’s heart,

so finally after a long long wait noah’s heart has finally been released globally,

its is an amazing mm or pg, that takes place in a virtual post-civilization world, the game also combines aspects of fantasy and steam punk which makes it a unique concept,

the thing that i like the most about this game is the map size which is pretty huge to explore and besides that, there are plenty of quests and side quests and the game central narrative revolves around a powerful cube,

also the games offers deep character customisation option’s with six unique weapons for you-to choose from, you can even style your combat strategy to suit your preferences,

so personally as you can probably tell I love this game the graphics and quality is superb.

No 1 is Genshin Impact:

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so there you have it gamers that’s the top 11 best high graphics games of the month and now that you know about all these fantastic games why don’t you let-me know in the comments section which of these ones you like the most.






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