Must try this app , clock vault -hide photos and videos .

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must try this app for hide your data , hide your pics and videos .

Clock Vault-Hide Photos,Videos:

❤️Clock Vault (Secret Photo storage and Video Locker) is extraordinary security assurance application to guard it and effectively stow away photographs, conceal recordings inside confidential display to lock records that you don’t believe others should find in your gadget.

❤️Photograph video vault App for safeguarding your protection by maintain it protected behind the mystery time secret phrase!

❤️You can without much of a stretch deal with the collections of the display to View, Import, Move and Export the photos.

Some Features of Clock-Vault Hide pics and videos app:

➡️Conceal Pictures: Easily stow away photographs from your exhibition to the mystery vault with display clock vault. Presently it has photograph crop and turn highlights in Picture watcher inside the clock application.
➡️Conceal Videos: You can conceal video in many configurations films. You can likewise play video utilizing another video player application in your telephone without open the document.
➡️• Collection Cover: You can set your ideal collection cover inside your vault stowed away collections. Likewise you can set collection cover by picture view screen choices.
➡️Solid Applock Protector: Lock Apps like Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or some other applications you look over this photograph vault application lock.
➡️Launcher Icon Change: Make your mystery Clock Icon significantly more confidential with different symbols like Whether, Music, Calculator, and so on.
➡️Break-in Alert: Automatic Capture an image of any individual who attempts to squeak the security and open applications behind you. You can likewise see and conceal photos of the busybody from inside exhibition clock vault collections.
➡️Distraction Vault: Hide the records in the bait vault when you input counterfeit secret word to safeguard genuine display photograph lock. It is substitute vault with another secret key when you want.
➡️Confidential Browser: Private internet browser to download and Lock photographs, conceal recordings and music sounds from Internet and leaves no tracks in your framework.
➡️Video Player: Super Inbuilt Video player to watch recordings inside video Vault. Upholds video storage with many arrangements.
➡️Subjects for Applock: Choose different kind of applock topics to enhance your lock screen, Select your exhibition picture to set behind the application lock screen.

Some Pics While Using This App :

How to set Your Pass-Code In Clock Vault -Hide pics and videos app? Step By Step ✔️

🟢Send off our display clock vault application and the clock hands will be moved at 00:00 situation for arrangement .

🟢Move the hour or moment clock hand to set an ideal time secret phrase and press the center button of the clock.

🟢Presently rehash a similar secret word and press the middle button of the clock to affirm. The vault will be open!

How to unlock Clock Vault – hide pics and videos app? Step by Step ✔️

🔵Click Centre of the clock. Hands will be moved to the 00:00 positions.

🔵Presently you can move the clock hour and moment hands physically to your secret key position and press Center button again to approve! That is all there is to it! Presently you can stow away photographs, recordings and other mystery documents.

⚠️Most Important Fir you using that Clock vault hide pics and videos app:

Don’t uninstall this video vault application prior to reestablishing your own documents back to the public display any other way it will be lost until the end of time.


☀️ 1 Q :

What else is there to do on the off chance that I failed to remember my secret word of the mystery vault?

⭐️Answer 1 :

Send off Clock Vault and press center button of the clock. Set 10:10 time by moving hour and moment clock hands and press center button once more. It will open secret key recuperation choice. You probably put the secret key recuperation choice together to utilize it.

☀️ 2 Q :

Are my secret records put away on the web?

⭐️Answer 2 :

No. Your documents are put away just on your gadget locally, so if it’s not too much trouble, try to open all your secret video vault records prior to moving to new gadget or industrial facility reset or erase the application.

🌟 3 Q :

Is documents recuperation conceivable after uninstall the Clock?

⭐️Answer 3 :

No, You can’t recuperate your documents once you uninstall the application.



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Jul 10, 2022

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Jan 10, 2018

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