KYZO KYC: Security store , Share identity documents

in this article we are going to talk about KYZO KYC : Security store and Share Identity documents app.

in this app you can upload any type of your identity documents for security and store.

KYZO is your agreeable advanced KYC App. It’s quick, secure and free.

KYZO is your well disposed advanced KYC App. It goes about as a decentralized and secure computerized character vault with bank grade encryption.

KYZO permits you to naturally sweep and store your personality archives locally in your gadget and offer them with organizations safely and immediately.

Why Use KYZO?

βœ…With KYZO, your KYC information stays in your gadget, and is never stockpiled reared up to cloud, settling mass hacking, hole and protection issues.

βœ…You can transfer all official government provided IDs (right now just accessible for India), and other pertinent archives, for example, bank articulations, payslips, tenant contracts and so on to confirm your personality (KYC) on request.

βœ…Your information is scrambled utilizing bank-grade encryption consistently. Indeed, even we, the makers, can’t see your information as the encryption key stays in your gadget.

βœ…We will utilize this ourselves, similarly as you will, so we absolutely figure out the gravity of keeping your information protected and hidden. Continuously.

βœ…Similarly as you would share your actual IDs as copies to lay out your character with specialist co-ops, you can impart your Digital IDs to approved specialist organizations.

βœ… The KYC information move is scrambled and can occur with your full assent and verified utilizing your PIN.

Where Can We Use KYZO?

KYZO can be utilized with any partaking specialist co-op, for example, Banks, Insurance, Telco, NBFC, Mutual Funds, Car rentals, Employers, Schools, Colleges, Forex, Casinos, Jewelers, Hotels and so on where any of your ID verifications (KYC) are expected to be lawfully kept according to guidelines.

If it’s not too much trouble, remain tuned as specialist co-ops are incorporating KYZO QR into their business stream and soon KYC sharing will be a simple task.

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