BGMI good news , Unbanned BGMI ?

I have a good news about BGMI .

As everyone has already heard. BGMI has been removed from PLAY STORE & APP STORE.

It was removed from the Play Store by putting Act 69A on top of the BGMI.

Come Back Or Not ?

So today, will we talk whether this game can come back or not?

So it can’t be confirmed whether to come back or not to come back, but we will talk about some facts.

And some PROOFS will also give you whether to come back or not to come back.

So let’s first talk that PUBG was not banned. This has only been removed from the Play Store and App Store.

As you are someone, BGMI was removed from the Play Store because of the government’s order.

And you will also have to say that there is a difference between being a ban and being removed.

And a lot of people say that now the UC etc. are not even being added to it.

Obviously, when an app is removed from the Play Store, you can’t do anything in it.


I’d like to share with you a screen shot that was posted by the CEO of Krafton yesterday.

In this screen shot, he has said that we got our game removed by respecting the government.

And they also said that the security of every country is first.

and that’s what I said that you guys should wait. Whatever the updates are, we will warn you soon.

I’ll share another update with you.

Shiva Nandy who is also the CEO of Sports Gaming of Case, said.

He posted in his Instagram story from two updates yesterday. I’ll share it with you.

In first story he said :

Submitted Everything Required , Lets Hope for the best . Still there are some tiny chances .

In second story he said ;

Unlike 2020, there are still hope and there is one last chance ! government has given 14 days time to prove .

Hopefully you’ve understood both stories.

As far as it seems, the government and krafton are talking about them among themselves.

And very soon you will get to see the results.

And when the government feels that yes, they are no longer stolen our data, then it will be released in the Play Store and in the App Store.

Think well and have a good hope very soon you will get to see in the BGMI in Play Store.

I hope you’ve got some idea a little bit. The rest of you and I also wait for the update. Whenever the update comes, yo

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