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Apps For Youtubers :

– In this atricle,

we’ll look at the best apps for YouTubers right now on iPhone and Android to help you level up your video creationand grow your YouTube channel faster,all from your smartphone.

So there’s a ton of apps out there that can helpwith almost every aspect of creating videos,and managing,and growing your YouTube channel.

We’ll be touching on everything from editingand filming apps,to channel art and thumbnail design,to YouTube growth tools and analytics,and channel management.

These are the apps that you need to have installedas a YouTuber to make your life a whole lot easier.

Now, if there’s a specific type of app that you’re looking for,then check out the chapter short codes below.

But, I definitely suggestseeing what’s available in every category because there’s some pretty cool apps available that you might not be aware of.

And as I run through our picks,let me know in the comments,what are your favorite apps for creating videos and growing your channel right now.

So we’re gonna start off first with some video creation apps,and then we’re gonna move into some YouTube channel growth and channel management apps after that.

So for video creation apps:

I wanna say too,that these are in no particular order,but the first one is video editing apps.

Now on Android and on iOS,probably my top two picks or best all-rounders,whether you’re a beginner or someone that is more advanced,

go down to VN Video Editor and VLLO.VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow:

VLLO – Intuitive Video Editor:

Now both of these are actually very similarand you get great results with either one of them.

VN Video Editor is totally free,but it is probably missing some of the more advanced features inside of VLLO,which has a free version,but to unlock all of the pro features,then you will want to upgrade to the paid pro version.

And there’s options in there to do that either as a one-time lifetime price,or you can jump on one of their subscription options as well.

So those are my top two best all-rounder apps right now on IOS and Android.

And they’re both available on both systems.

Now, if you are someone who is lookingfor something more advanced,

than I would say on iOS, check out LumaFusion,and on Android, checkout Kinemaster.



Now let’s jump to number two,which is camera apps.

So, by using a third party or an after-market camera app on your device,you’re gonna unlock a lot more features,a lot more control,really unlocking DSLR-like camera settings inside of your phones and tablets as well.

And in a lot of cases, using a third party camera app will also let you unlock higher recording qualities too.

So you’re able to get the most out of your device.

So my top recommended camera app, again,another one that happens to work on both iOS and Android,so that’s a big win,is FiLMic Pro.

FiLMiC Pro: Mobile Cine Camera:

This is one that we have been using for years.It was amazing back then,and it is still amazing today.

It’s one that they’re actively growing and building,and still adding in a ton of amazing features.

So if you’re someone who wants to get the best videos out of your device,then you really can’t look past FiLMic Pro.

Now, I will say that it’s not a free app,you do have to purchase it.

It is a one-time purchase of $14.99.But they also have some really cool add-on apps as well.

So, if you are gonna be creating videos with your smartphone,then you might also be interested in their FiLMic Remote App which will let you’re motley control your primary camera with another device.

So if you’ve got a spare iPad or another phone sitting around,then you can control that-and adjust the camera settings and everything while you’re sitting in front of the camera.

So, FiLMic Pro is a great all-rounder.

Number three then is teleprompter apps.

Now, for those of you that are looking toeither read off a full scriptwhile you’re creating your videos,or even just have some bullet pointsor dot points on the screen,then a teleprompter app can bean amazing game changer for you,and for your video creation.

Now there’s really two main types of teleprompter apps.

Teleprompter with Video Audio:

Some of them are designed to work with a hardware teleprompter,so a physical teleprompter that you’ve bought that’s gonna be connected through to your proper camera.

The second type is gonna be used where you’re gonna be creating videos with your phone,and you wanna have your script on your phone screenas well so that you can read your scriptand create videos with the one device.

Now this is another area on both iOS and Android-where there are a ton of options available.

So my top picks for apps that work with an actual physical hardware teleprompter,go down to Teleprompter Premium and PromptSmart Pro.

PromptSmart Pro:

Now, both of these, again,will work on both Android and iOS,and both of these are paid apps.

Now, if you just wanna have your scriptor your notes on screen,then that’s where Teleprompter Premiumis going to be the best option for you.

It’s a great app.It’s really easy to use.

There’s lots of customizability and control in thereto really dial it in for your specific teleprompter,but also the way that you wanna be reading it as well.

And the other one PromptSmart Pro,this one has an amazing feature where it’s gonna automatically scroll down your text based on you reading it.

So it’s listening to what you’re saying when you’re presenting your video and reading your script,and it’s gonna automatically scroll the text based on where you’re up to reading it.

So in regards to pricing,the Teleprompter Premium Appis currently selling for around the $15 mark,whereas PromptSmart Pro is around $20.

Now, as for the other apps where you don’t need a hardware physical teleprompter,where you’re gonna be creating videos with your phoneand having your script on there,then there are two app options I’ve got for you here too.

One for iOS and one for Android.

So my top recommended iOS teleprompter camera app is called Video Teleprompter 3.

There’s a ton of features in thereall to make it really easy to create videoswhile you’re reading a script as well.

And the cool part about this app isit lets you position where the text is.

So you’re able to position the texts right up next to the camera lensso that it actually doesn’t look like you’re reading,which is the whole point of using a teleprompter app.

It would be pointless if people knew that you were reading the script.

So really simple,easy to use app,with a lot of functionality and control in there as well.

There’s a free version of the app you can try,but if you really wanna use this,then you will need to pay for the pro versionor the unlocked version which starts at 16.99.

Now, on the Android side of things,my top recommended app is called Nano Teleprompter.

Nano Teleprompter:

So this does everything that the iOS appVideo Teleprompter 3 does,and a whole lot more.

You are not just limited to using the app’s camera,you can actually use this teleprompter with any app.

Meaning that, if you wanna use FiLMic Pro to get the most out of your phone’s camera app,you can actually use Nano Teleprompterto overlay your script or your noteson top of FiLMic Pro too or any app.

And again, resize itand position it right up next to your phone cameraso that it doesn’t look like you’re reading.

So if you’re on Android,I think this app is awesome.

It means that you can even use iton apps like Instagram Lives,or Facebook Lives,and have a full script,full tele prompted script there for you to usewhile you’re live as well.

And pricing for Nano Teleprompter is ridiculously cheapat just under $4.

All right.
So now on to number four,which is an amazing app to help you manage your video creation process right from idea,through to release.And this is something that we use so much at Videos.

So the app, or the service that I’m talking about,is called Trello.

And this will work on iOS on Android,and it’s also a website as well,so you can log in on your desktop or your laptop too.

The quick version is,we use it for everything.This is where we are listing outall of our video topic ideas.

We then moving them acroso topic ideas.

We then moving them across different columns as they progress through the video creation process.

So the beauty of this is we’re able to easily seeat a glance where all of our videos are at.And it’s not just for me,it’s for the entire team.

So our editors are in there,and the rest of our staff and team as well,and everyone can see easily where everything is at,and pick things up and move it along the processas different things are done.

So when I go to create videos,I’m just looking at all the videos that are good to go in that column.

From there, we move them onto the editorsand then we get different versions,different changes happening as well.

And then once they’re ready,then they go into the Ready Release column,and then onwards into the Released sectiononce it’s live on YouTube.So this is an amazing tool.

It’ll save your sanity and make you so much more efficient with your content creation from idea,and right through to release on YouTube.

So this is something that has been huge for us,and it’s something that I’d strongly recommend that you look at,either this one or something similar-to help you manage your video creation.

Okay, now I’ve got a few more apps for youall around your YouTube channel growth and channel management side of things.

So number five then is YouTube’s actual app.

So YouTube has two apps.There is the YouTube App,then there’s also the YT Studio App.

YouTube Studio:

So the main YouTube app is where you’ll go for uploading your videos if you’re gonna be doing it from your phone,for live streaming,for creating and posting YouTube stories-if you’ve got access to that,and of course, it’s where you go to watchand consume YouTube videos too.

Whereas the other app,the YT Studio App is more for your analytics,for managing and replying to your comments,for editing your video titles, descriptions, tags,and also doing things like adding custom thumbnails.

So, really if you’re serious about growing on YouTube,you should have both of these apps installed on your device because there’s not just one app when it comes to YouTube.

And both of them are 100% free and are available on iOS and Android.

Number six is the TubeBuddy App.


So, TubeBuddy is an awesome tool for YouTube management,YouTube growth on your computer,but they also have a mobile app as well.

Now, while we just covered YouTube’s apps in number five,this TubeBuddy App takes a lot of that to the next level,giving you further insights,giving you further control and functionality while you’re managing and running your YouTube channel.

So there’s lots of stuff in therethat you can access really quickly like your live subscriber account,your high level analytics,there’s even an upload checklist in therewhere you can go throughand make sure that you’ve done everything that you can doto try and give your video the best shotat showing up on the platform.

You can also quickly see and edit the tags that you’ve used on your videos,as well as where you’re actually rankingfor those tags too.

And just like on the desktop,you also get access to their keyword explorerand suggestions to help you put the right keywords inon your videos too.So there’s a lot of features and functionality in this app,but the standout one for me,is the comments area.

This makes it so much easier to manageand to respond to comments,and quickly and easily see the comments that you haven’t responded to already much, much easier and faster than you can on YouTube’s apps.

And you can also quickly save a list of canned responses as well.

So if you find yourself responding with the same sorts of things,or thumbs up emoji,or a smiley face or something,then you can have all of those preset ready to go.

So just with a few taps,you’re able to quickly respond to some of your comments.Now there’s a free version of the app which includes a lot of those features,or, to unlock everythingis where you need to jump ona monthly subscription for $2.99to get access to everything.

Now, if you do already have a regular TubeBuddy license,then that also will unlock all of the functionality for you.Now, a really quick bonus one I wanna throw in here off the back of this one,is Agorapulse.

So this is for those of you who are working with teams,you’ve got people that are helping you outrun and manage your YouTube channel,specifically on the comments side of things.

So, if you wanna get people in helping you respond to comments but you don’t wanna give them access to your TubeBuddy,you don’t wanna give them access to your YouTube account,then this is where Agorapulse is perfect.And this is what we use for managing our YouTube comments.

Now, this one is definitely a jump up in price,but it works really well for this use case.So Agorapulse, it is a monthly subscription.

So, they’ve got plans starting at $79 per monthand again, this is what we use at techyboyhs help manage our comments-and to help us respond to as many of those as we can.

So that brings us then to number seven,which is where we’re gonna be looking at some design appsto help you with your YouTube channel.

So, designing, creating your thumbnails,your channel banner art,maybe even your end screens,any graphic design work or image manipulation workthat you need to do on your channelthat you can do in these apps.

So my top recommended app for this on iOS is Phonto.And on the Android side, it’s PixelLab.

PixelLab – Text on pictures:

And these two here,there’s a lot of overlap between the two.So both of these apps make it really easy to bring in photos,and graphics,and add text and backgrounds,and move it all around to again,create things like your thumbnail images super fastand easy.

And both of these apps will let you do all of thatfor free as well.

So again, if you wanna see these apps in actionand you wanna see how powerful and easy they are to use,then check out those other tutorials below.

So the last one then, number eight,this one is an amazing service.

Technically it’s not an app,but it does work really well on your smart phones and iPads and things as well,and that is a service called Placeit.

Now, what Placeit lets you dois create amazing looking graphics-and animations and things to use in your videos.

So if you’re looking to create a custom video intro a custom animated end screen for your videos,then you really can’t go past Placeit.

Literally, you just need to log in,find the templates that you like the look of,and you can click and customize them up with your branding,your logo, your fonts, your colours really, really quickly and easily,and then you can just download the video file directly onto your device to use it in your next video.

So I’m a massive fan of Placeit

because more this whole video animationand motion graphics thing so easy-and so accessible for a lot of people out there.

And it actually does a lot more than what I’ve quickly covered off in this section too.

Now, in regards to pricing,there’s a few different options.

If you just wanna create a one-time graphic or animation,then you can go through and purchase just that one graphic.An average price is around $8 to, say $20.So again, ridiculously cheap.

And they also have an unlimited subscription option currently starting at under $13 per month.So Placeit is another really amazing tool.

And again, ridiculously cheap considering what it’s gonna let you doand how it’s gonna let you level up your videos from here on in.

So those are my top app recommendations right now for YouTubers on iOS and Android.

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