Best app locker for Android.

In this article we are going to talk about top android app locker app in play store .

➑️ Shrewd AppLock will lock and safeguard applications utilizing a secret phrase or example and fingerprint(face acknowledgment).

Lock Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Gallery, any applications and forestall the applications from being uncovered by companions, guardians, busybody!

➑️ Notwithstanding lock, AppLock can get gatecrashers by snapping a photo and even conceal the way that lock the application with counterfeit blunder window!

The most developed AppLock! attempt it now!

Main And Useful Features in applocker app:

No 1 : App Lock

🟒Lock the application with a secret word to safeguard your privacy.(app storage) e.g) SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, LINE and any applications.

No 2 :Fingerprint and Face lock available:

🟒Upholds advantageous and strong lock with unique finger impression, face recognition.(If your gadget upholds it).

No 3 :Error Window Lock

🟒You might actually conceal the way that lock the application with counterfeit mistake window.

No 4 : Notifications Lock

🟒Blocks the locked application’s notice message in the top notice bar.

No 5 : Screen lock

Forestalls the screen switches off while running certain apps.

No 6 :Multiple Passwords

You can set multiple passwords in this app locker .

No 7 :Home Screen lock

Lock the entire telephone utilizing lock screen of AppLock rather than lock screen of framework.

Here is AppLock – fingerprint apps Download link

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