Best ad blocker app for Android.

In this article we are going to talk about AdGuard app content blocker for android.

AdGuard Content Blocker is a free Android application that blocks promotions in the Yandex program and Samsung Internet versatile program without root consents. This AdGuard’s promotion hindering application works explicitly in these two internet browsers.

Save Battery and your all data :

In this AdGuard content blocker for android app provides >
Meddling advertisements occupy your consideration and take your time, and weighty media promotions, particularly video promotions, additionally channel your battery and information on your gadget. With AdGuard Content Blocker, you’ll at last have the option to take off from the house without a charger and indulge yourself with an additional espresso because of the information you saved.

AddBlock List apk :

In this AdGuard content blocker apk >

Look over the most ridiculously complete of all the current channel records, planned both by our profoundly talented trained professionals and by noticeable local area individuals. Empower general records that cover most normal promotions, and join them with language-explicit records to guarantee the best security in your nation: France, Spain, Germany, Korea, and different nations and language areas.

Whitelist :

Support your #1 sites and content designers by adding their sites to the rundown of special cases. You can whitelist whole areas or explicit pages. There’s compelling reason need to switch AdGuard off each time you’re going to visit a known, reliable site that has no meddlesome promotions.

Custom Filters :

Our application gives you command over the separating system. Add your own custom principles to hinder advertisements or conceal any components on the page, and permit them back anytime later on.

Secure Your all data and Privacy :

AdGuard Team thinks about clients’ security as a principal need. We have long stretches of involvement with creating grant winning promotion obstructing and security assurance apparatuses. Likewise, we’ve become famous as a watchful gatekeeper of online security by distributing different exploration papers in which we uncover risky applications and divulge obscure plans used to take your own information.




10M +

If You Want To install and enjoy this apps features

you can install on play store .

Here is link for download

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