10 Android App Free _ You Had NO IDEA Existed!

i’m going to show you 10 android apps that will completely change the way you use your phone,

starting with an app that lets you play youtube with the screen off.

Black Screen: video screen off:

okay so this app is called black screen and once you’ve installed it and open it up, all you need to do is enable the black screen and then you’ll see this little lock icon on your home screen luckily you can move it anywhere on your screen just by clicking and holding down-and then when you’re ready to listen to music a podcast or any video on YouTube.

opens it up hit that play button and when you’re ready, click the lock icon and your screen will turn off this seriously helps save your battery and also nice when you’re listening to music at night.

so now you don’t even need YouTube premium if you want to listen to-music for hours with your screen off pretty cool.

So did you know there is an app for ridiculously long screenshots it’scalled ,

ScreenMaster: Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup:

screen master and once you’ve installed and opened the app you just need to activate it by clicking that powerful button and just like the previous apps,

you have this little floating icon that you can move to anywhere on the screen then what you can do is open any app what so ever,

click the screenshot icon then just tap on stitch and now every time you click that plus icon it’ll scroll down and take another screenshot finally,

when you’re all done and happy with the length just click on auto stitch and it’ll automatically stitch everything together ,

so this app allows you to take ascrolling screenshot make it as long as-you want and in any app.

Always On: Edge Music Lighting:

okay now with this app you can add some awesome edge lighting effects to your music and notifications the app is called miuvi’s edge and the minute you open it up,

you instantly see that edge lighting effect to make sure those edge lightings effects work just make sure you toggle on these three settings and then you can start customizing your edge panel look ,

there are so many different free, ones to choose from as well as some paint options and on top of that you can also choose from a bunch of different custom colors , once you’re done just click apply and now every time you play music or get a notification you’ll see this amazing edge lighting effect .

Diffuse Live Wallpaper:

okay but now let’s add some music to your wallpaper with this app so it’s called diffuse ,

this is what the app icon looks like and once you open it up what you’re going to do is tap on set wallpaper and at the bottom click set wallpapers once more and decide whether you want it for your home screen or home and lock screen .

finally you’re going to toggle on live beats and you can also decide on the strength you want for your wallpaper and what this app does is it takes the album artwork of whatever song you’re listening to and uses it as a diffused wallpaper on your phone.

so ever time a brand new song plays onspotify or even apple music yourwallpaper will completely changes on.

if you know apple they have this super useful airdrop but what about android,

Snap drop for Android:

well other than nearby share they can get snap drop not only is this app unbelievably useful, it’s also so easy to use on the android phone all you need to do is,

open up the app and on iPhone just go to each device is given a unique name and to transfer files just tap on the other device name, select your file and in second it is sent transferring files between an android and iphone device has literally never been so easy, and of course to transfer back you just do the exact same thing in a snap they’ll receive the file you can just click save-and, then you’re done .

so it’s actually really simple you can send and receive-any file to any device and there is no-size limit ,so long as you’re all connected to the same wi-fi now that is pretty nifty .

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now let’s take a look at some sweet fullscreen gestures the app is literallycalled full screen gestures ,

Full Screen Gestures:

once you open it up you’ll see a couple of different gesture options, you can make just by swiping from the edge of your screen,

so you can choose whether you want to take a screenshot change the volume or even open up the power menu-and so how this app works is it gives you a bunch of different gesture movements that you can map to whatever you want,

so if i swipe from the bottom left it’ll take a screenshot or bottom right it’ll open up the power menu.

if you wanted even more gestures you can get a bunch of different ones with this app ,

Super Status Bar – Customise:

it’s called super status bar and you basically can hack your entire status bar,

once you open the app you’ll see aton of different gestures and settings you can choose from once you’ve decided what you want click the start button,

and now if you swipe along your status bar you can change your screen brightness or-if you double tap it it’ll lock your screen , there are literally hundreds of different settings,

you can choose from and not only that you can also decide on the style of your status bar whether you want it to be thick a different color oreven different icon.

now how about an app to specifically control all your media it’s called mediabar

Media Bar:

and it’s kind of similar to the previous app,

once you open it up makesure you toggle on media bar and now no matter what media you open up, whether it’s apple music youtube or even spotify as soon as you click the play button,

this bar appears at the top of the screen and shows you how far the media is you can actually use it to quickly scrub through your media and not only that within the settings you can also decide on the bar thickness whether you want it at the top bottom or even gradient colors ,

there is also so much more to this app so you definitely need to check it out.

now with this app you can navigate through your whole phone using just panels,

Panels – sidebar (edge screen):

once again this is An unbelievable useful app and i know a ton-of you will love it, once you open up the app make sure you activate it and once that is done you’ll notice this really small sidebar appear on your screen .

but now what happens is when you swipe on it , it’s opens up the side panel and you can access just about any application you can choose which apps you want to have-in your side panel ,

you can search through every single app you have on your phone or you can even add widgets just by clicking holding down and adding one of your favorite widgets,

once you’ve decided on which one you want like Spotify,

for example you can even adjust the size just by clicking holding down-and dragging that bar,

there are so many different things you can do so if your phone doesn’t come with the sidebar,

now you can just add panels and you’re good to go .

now this super cool app allows you to change and customize the look of your volume panel,

Custom Volume Panel and styles:

once you click on skins, you’ll see a bunch of free as well as-some paid options and as soon as you found the one you like go ahead tap on it and literally with in a couple of seconds,

you have a brand new custom looking volume panel, not only does it change the look of the single volume bar-but the entire panel it self and it also changes depending on dark or light mode and this is pretty cool,


you get to choose from a bunch of different looking skins.

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